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  • 11/06/24

    Poetry Slam Preparation in Farthing Wood Class

    Poetry Slam Preparation in Farthing Wood Class: Poetry Slam preparation kicked off in Farthing Wood Class today, with our pupils delving into the fascinating world of Word Wheels. Year 3 & 4 delved into the Elementary Word Wheel Books, each packed with 10 unique wheels covering various aspect...
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  • 10/06/24

    Sports Day 2024

    We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all attendees who joined us for Sports Day today and contributed towards the success of our children. The afternoon was truly remarkable, as it showcased the children's exceptional sportsmanship and profound respect for all participants involved.
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  • 04/06/24

    Exploring the Wonders of Junk Modelling

      Engaging in the wonderful world of junk modelling has been a truly delightful experience for us. We have thoroughly enjoyed the process of experimenting with various materials, uncovering the secrets to what works best, and embracing the opportunity to refine our ideas by revisiting the dr...
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  • 02/05/24

    Experiencing the Wonders of Nature in WildTribe

    Experiencing the Wonders of Nature in WildTribe   During this week's Wild Tribe session, the children were immersed in a delightful and enriching outdoor learning experience centred around the captivating world of flowers. Donning their inquisitive hats and armed with magnifying glass...
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  • 16/04/24


    RNLI WORKSHOP & VISIT This past week, we were delighted to host a Beach Safety talk and workshop by the RNLI. The children absorbed vital safety rules like 'stop, think, stay together, float, and phone 999'. The lifeguards commended our children for their knowledge, inquisitive questi...
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  • 22/03/24

    Visit from Liskeard Fire Station

    Visit from Liskeard Fire Station Today, we were exceptionally fortunate to welcome a visit from the esteemed Liskeard Fire Station. This exciting encounter provided us with a comprehensive understanding of their invaluable role and the specialized equipment they employ to accomplish various firef...
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  • 20/03/24

    Spectacular Spring Show

    Spring Show 2024 We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all participants who made Wednesday afternoon such a memorable event. The response was truly overwhelming, with over 190 entries flooding in! It is with immense joy that we announce our successful fundraising efforts, with an im...
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  • 14/03/24

    Bringing History to Life

    In Hundred Acre Wood Class, the students have thoroughly enjoyed delving into the fascinating topic of the Great Fire of London this term. As part of their immersive learning experience, they had the opportunity to construct Tudor-style houses. To demonstrate how the fire rapidly spread during the h...
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  • 13/03/24

    Exploring World Faiths - Christianity Focus

    Exploring World Faiths - Christianity Focus In both their writing and artwork, children in Farthing Wood class have shown an understanding of the Easter Story and its significance within the Christian faith. Their detailed descriptions and vivid imagery in their writing beautifully captured the e...
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  • 12/03/24

    Silly Science: An Explosive Spectacle for British Science Week!

    👩‍🔬🧪Our extraordinary 'Silly Science' workshops exceeded all expectations!👩‍🔬🧪 🌋💥We were captivated by the awe-inspiring explosions and mind-blowing scientific demonstrations conducted by the exceptional Professor Nitrate! 🌋💥 🥼🧬This exhilarating event truly ignited...
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  • 08/03/24

    History & Heroes with Hundred Acre Wood Class

    It has been an absolutely incredible few weeks in our classes, filled with boundless excitement and a whirlwind of bustling activities! Our Heroes & Heroines topic took an exciting turn when we had the honour of hosting a visit from our esteemed Police Community Support Officer: Bex. The experie...
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  • 07/02/24

    Captivating Art Exhibition Celebration

    Thank you to all who participated in and attended our Art Exhibition, which took place on Wednesday 7th February. It gives us immense pleasure to have witnessed the astounding entries, expertly crafted by our gifted students, showcasing their artistic prowess. The task of awarding certificate...
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