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Bringing History to Life

In Hundred Acre Wood Class, the students have thoroughly enjoyed delving into the fascinating topic of the Great Fire of London this term. As part of their immersive learning experience, they had the opportunity to construct Tudor-style houses. To demonstrate how the fire rapidly spread during the historical event of 1666, a few kind students offered the use of their houses. The class observed that due to the close proximity of the houses, the flames easily engulfed one house after another, aided by the strong winds that prevailed.

To further comprehend the construction techniques used during the era, the students engaged in a hands-on experiment where they created wattle and daub walls. Through this activity, they discovered that as the mud component dried, it gradually crumbled away, thereby exposing the underlying wooden structures.

The amount of knowledge gained and the enthusiastic engagement of the students in this project has been truly remarkable!

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