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Poetry Slam Preparation in Farthing Wood Class

Poetry Slam Preparation in Farthing Wood Class:

Poetry Slam preparation kicked off in Farthing Wood Class today, with our pupils delving into the fascinating world of Word Wheels. Year 3 & 4 delved into the Elementary Word Wheel Books, each packed with 10 unique wheels covering various aspects of language like verbs, adjectives, feelings, and sensory experiences. Year 5 & 6 students explored more intricately with their Advanced Word Wheel Books, containing wheels focusing on sentence openers, emotions, and even formal phrases. The highlight of the session was when they began crafting their own word wheels in preparation for their poetry compositions.

In the midst of their creative journey, the students were treated to captivating performance poetry examples and live videos featuring renowned poets such as Michael Rosen & Joseph Coelho. Through these examples, the pupils learnt how poetry is not only relatable and fun but also a powerful tool for expressing emotions and thoughts. They engaged in insightful discussions on the performance techniques employed by poets, including intonation, tone, tempo, and volume, which play a crucial role in conveying meaning to the audience. The day was filled with wonder as we explored poetry ideas and performance techniques, paving the way for an exciting journey of creating our own poems.

As the day drew to a close, the anticipation for the upcoming sessions soared high. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the students crafting their own poems, armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration. The Liskeard Poetry Society members are set to join us next week to guide the young poets through the final editing and refining processes of their work. A hearty congratulations to the children for their exceptional creativity and dedication - a promising start to what is sure to be an enriching and fulfilling poetry experience.