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Nature-inspired Creativity and Sweet Delights

Trewidland Key Stage 1 children had a delightful day, indulging in the creation of eggs and nests using natural materials. It was the perfect way to wrap up their last lesson before the Easter break. To add an extra touch of excitement, they also had the opportunity to cook marshmallows over a warm and crackling fire.

The young learners eagerly embraced the hands-on activity, as they gathered various materials from nature to craft their eggs and nests. Leaves, twigs, and moss became the building blocks of their imaginative creations. With their imaginations running wild, the children transformed these natural elements into beautiful nests, providing a safe and cosy haven for their imagined creatures.

As the children embarked on their creative journey, they not only had fun but also developed their fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, and artistic flair. Engaging in such tactile activities allows young minds to explore the wonders of the natural world while stimulating their creativity.

Following the egg and nest making, the children gathered around a crackling fire. Excitement filled the air as they patiently awaited their turn to toast marshmallows. The warmth from the fire and the sweet aroma of the melting marshmallows added to the joyful atmosphere. It was a delightful treat, providing the children with a sensory experience and an opportunity to socialise and bond with their peers.

The day's activities were a testament to the importance of incorporating hands-on, nature-inspired projects into the curriculum. Not only did the children have an enjoyable time, but they also gained valuable skills and knowledge, fostering their holistic development.