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History & Heroes with Hundred Acre Wood Class

It has been an absolutely incredible few weeks in our classes, filled with boundless excitement and a whirlwind of bustling activities! Our Heroes & Heroines topic took an exciting turn when we had the honour of hosting a visit from our esteemed Police Community Support Officer: Bex. The experience was an absolute delight as we had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of PCSO Bex's work while enthusiastically exploring every inch of her remarkable police car. As part of our enthralling journey through history, we delved deep into the Tudor era. Our History work reached its zenith when we immersed ourselves in the art of recreating Tudor Houses. Utterly captivated by this hands-on experience, we unleashed our creative prowess by meticulously crafting these architectural marvels. We tactfully employed straw and a plethora of other materials to ensure our masterpieces stood as a testament to the time-honoured Tudor craftsmanship.