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Fire Safety: Learning through Experience

In the Gruffalo Wood's Wild Tribe session held on Wednesday, children continued their learning about fire safety. The session focused on teaching them how to approach a lit fire safely using the fire safety position.

To make the learning experience more interactive, children were given the opportunity to practice the fire safety position by roasting their own marshmallows. The sight of children gathered around a fire, roasting marshmallows, is a delightful one, but it is also important to ensure that they understand the potential dangers associated with fires.

Teaching fire safety to children is essential, as it helps to prevent accidents and injuries. Encouraging children to learn through experience, such as roasting marshmallows safely, is an effective way of instilling valuable lessons that will stay with them for life.

In conclusion, Gruffalo Wood's Wild Tribe session on Wednesday was not just about roasting marshmallows. It was an opportunity for children to learn an important life skill in a fun and engaging way.