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Silly Science Workshops

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This event will take place on 12/03/2024

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Silly Science Workshops and Explosive Fun at Our School
We are thrilled to announce that as part of British Science Week, taking place from 8th to 17th March 2024, we will be hosting a range of exciting activities for our students.
Silly Science Workshops - led by the esteemed education group, we will be offering Silly Science workshops that promise explosive fun. Under the guidance of the energetic Professor Nitrate, our children will embark on an immersive science tour of discovery. During these workshops, they will have the opportunity to learn about elements and why molecules bond. They will gain an understanding of the magic of lift and the power of pressure, as well as experiencing thrilling explosions! These activities align with the curriculum, focusing on gravity, thrust, lift, pressure, chemical reactions, fire, molecules, bonds, and, of course, explosions!
The aim of these workshops is to ignite curiosity and inspire our entire school community about the wonders of science. 
Date: 12th March 2024